If You Need a Hero to Get Things Done, You Have a Problem

Sometimes American corporate culture surprises me. It goes so over the top into dysfunction, that I want to believe the HR folks are pulling a prank. But alas. The following guidelines, from a US-based, Fortune 50, Telecommunications “Giant” (reprinted verbatim) were not released April 1.

Distributed Team Retrospective: Communication, Collaboration, Empathy and Explosions

Teams often experience a breakdown in communication. Sometimes it will be around requirements, or expectations, or priorities. Other elements that contribute to difficulties in collaboration and delivery of value include component silos, and specialization. All of the above can be particularly pronounced with virtual teams.

Sorry, I’m Afraid We’re Fresh Out of Agile

Agile is not a noun I read that ^ somewhere on the innerwebs so it must be true. If you don’t believe me, look “agile” up in a respectable dictionary. Here’s what I find: [aj-uh l, -ahyl] adjective 1. quick and well-coordinated in movement; lithe 2. active; lively 3. marked by an ability to …

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