Dreading the Corporate Personal Development Plan (PDP)?

In the “Vent” channel of a Discord community I’m part of, a friend, Jay, recently posted their dismay at having to write and submit a Personal Development plan.

About as much fun as the companion ritual of the Individual Annual Performance Review?!

So leveraging Claude.ai for a bit of fun, I created some PDP options for Jay

Making Sense of Organizational Change with the Six Big Ideas

Recently on the Agile Uprising podcast, Chris Murman and I chatted with Jason Little and Ken Rickard about their new book exploring organizational change: “The Six Big Ideas of Adaptive Organizations: From Frameworks to Sensemaking.” Jason and Ken shared why they felt compelled to put these powerful ideas into the …

Flow Metrics for Enhancing Organizational Agility

Metrics aren’t about drowning in data, but driving decisive action. Explore the 4 pivotal metrics essential for measuring the flow of work within teams, systems, and organizations: WIP, Throughput, Work Item Age, and Cycle Time. Unlock the power of actionable metrics to catalyze significant changes.

Chartering High Performance Teams through the “24/7 Lecture”

Chartering high-performance teams is no easy thing. Teams often struggle to establish a strong collective identity and build a starter set of working agreements. As a facilitator, I’ve found that helping folks clearly define their “Why, What, and Who” is foundational for building high-performing, cohesive teams. A recent Facebook prompt, …

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