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Agile Leadership coach andy cleff

I am a pragmatic and accomplished agile leadership coach with 15+ years of experience across various corporate and start-up environments.

I apply compassion, common sense, and situational flexibility as I foster the adoption and propagation of lean-agile values and principles. I am passionate and determined to help catalyze and nurture a culture of respect, acknowledgment, self-management, and continual improvement within technical and creative teams as well as across entire organizations. I take teams beyond “getting agile” into the deliberate and joyful pursuit of high performance through continuous improvement.

Equally comfortable at the team, management, or leadership level, along the journey, I make sure everyone has a whole lot of fun.

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My superpowers, according to colleagues

Active listening • Ability to reclaim a room that has gone off the rails • Being able to connect the concepts/process we want to try and the tools we use • Having and relaying a vision of what working at our company should be like • Recognizing that not everyone thinks the same way • Trust: people trust that you care • Clear thinker: you are unflappable, even in the middle of chaos you instill calm • Positivity: you help others believe in themselves • Order: you can bring order to any chaos • A lot of people toss around the term “servant leader” and very few actually live up to it. I think you truly are a servant leader, and I’d call that your superpower • The way Andy is able to stay positive and show his emotion at the same time is really a gift • Fun, collaborative, open, willing to share, and receive feedback • A valuable agile leadership coach • Andy simultaneously exemplifies wisdom, integrity, passion, listening, hunger for learning, flexibility, adaptability, and selflessness. 

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