Making Sense of Organizational Change with the Six Big Ideas

Recently on the Agile Uprising podcast, Chris Murman and I chatted with Jason Little and Ken Rickard about their new book exploring organizational change: “The Six Big Ideas of Adaptive Organizations: From Frameworks to Sensemaking.” Jason and Ken shared why they felt compelled to put these powerful ideas into the …

Embrace the Mess: How Oblique Thinking Sparks Creativity

What if the secret to creativity lies in embracing the “mess”? Learn how legendary artists like Keith Jarrett have transformed obstacles into creative breakthroughs using oblique thinking – a mindset that transforms chaos into opportunity for powerful problem-solving.

Flow Metrics for Enhancing Organizational Agility

Metrics aren’t about drowning in data, but driving decisive action. Explore the 4 pivotal metrics essential for measuring the flow of work within teams, systems, and organizations: WIP, Throughput, Work Item Age, and Cycle Time. Unlock the power of actionable metrics to catalyze significant changes.

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