Agile Team Health & Morale Checks

A refresh to one of my more popular posts…

Now more than ever companies are exploring ways of measuring and visualizing how their teams are doing (KPI’s; ROV’s, NPS, etc.,)

The general idea being ya can’t improve what ya don’t measure. And without some sort of systemic approach with clear visualization – things would very much be a guessing game.

Note and Vote: Effective Collaboration and Teamwork

Oh, boy, I failed again! I recently facilitated an event where at one point I struggled mightily. As I reflected on how I might have done better, I recalled the note and vote technique: Note and vote (aka Nominal group technique (NGT)) is a structured method for brainstorming/decision making that …

Agile in Education: Going with the Flow – In Pursuit of More Adaptive Ways of Teaching

The 2020 Trilogy Years have brought to light the level of challenge that exists in the US education system.

Similar to the need for change that catalyzed the Manifesto for Agile Software Development twenty+ years ago, is it time to pull all the stops out with Agile Education?

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