Navigating the Enterprise Transformation Journey with David Hawks and Seth Ely

Host Andy Cleff chats with David Hawks and Seth Ely, from Path To Agility, about navigating the enterprise transformation journey. We dive into: Gaining true buy-in from all the necessary players in the organization Assessments and feedback loops Providing visibility into progress and impediments Building a focus on culture and a …

Doing “No” Better

tl;dr Sometimes the right response to a request is “No.” Maybe “Yes” and “No” are the wrong words, or the wrong responses, particularly if you’re trying to initiate a conversation. I’m piloting an interactive workshop with the Agile Denver SIG Deeper dive So how do we learn to say “no” …

1,095 Days

This week I’m celebrating my 3-year anniversary at Agile Velocity And enjoying a special care package my teammates sent to my door. They know me well. Coffee and dark chocolate!

As I reflect on the 1,095+ day journey so far, it feels like I’ve been part of three different companies, so much has happened.

Agile, The Progress Principle, and a Healthy Inner Work Life

If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend the book: “The Progress Principle.” The authors’ explored the question: “What really makes people happy, motivated, productive, and creative at work…?” Plot spoiler alert: the title is a dead giveaway on what makes us and our teams tick: The strongest contributing factors: …

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