Exploring Authenticity in the Workplace: Insights from A Conversation

Image of two full face masks exploring Authenticity in the WorkplaceRecently, I had a fantastic chat with my friends and fellow coaches, Jay Hrcsko and Claudia Orozco-Gomez on the topic of authenticity in the workplace. How staying true to yourself in the professional world isn’t about following a recipe, however, it can be quite a flavorful journey.

Our conversation stirred the pot and I’ve pulled out a few choice spoonfuls to share with you. Plus, I’ve thrown in some additional spices for us all to ponder.

Embracing Authenticity in the Workplace

Jay, as usual, added a nice piece of wisdom: “Being authentic doesn’t mean being unprofessional.” We chewed over this fine line between authenticity and professionalism in the workplace. It can be a real head-scratcher, trying to be authentic while keeping it pro.

Ponder 1: How do you find the balance between authenticity in the workplace and professionalism? Have you ever had to tone it down or crank it up?

The Authenticity Challenge

Claudia shared her take on authenticity challenges, especially for folks from different backgrounds and when it comes to identity and diversity. She shared, “As a Mexican-American woman in tech, I’ve had to be mindful of how my words and actions might be perceived differently.”

Ponder 2: How does your identity influence your experience of authenticity at work?

The Emotional Intelligence Aspect

In our discussion, we brushed lightly on the topic of emotional intelligence (EI) – a big part of authenticity.

Ponder 3: How does EI fit into your “authenticity in the workplace” journey and impact your relationships with your colleagues?

Authenticity in Leadership

We also just skimmed the surface of authenticity in leadership.

Ponder 4: What impact would more authentic leadership have in your team or organization?

Work-Life Integration

Work-life balance – or as we like to call it, work-life “blending.” The lines between your personal and professional life aren’t always clear-cut. Camera on or off? Real-life background or virtual?

Ponder 5: How do you manage the whole work-life integration deal?

Wrapping Up Authenticity in the Workplace

Being authentic doesn't mean being unprofessional. Jay Hrcsko Share on X

Authenticity is a big dish with many ingredients, and when you put the ladle in deep, you can uncover a treasure of insights and opportunities.

If you haven’t already, give our episode a listen/watch – there are quite a few more tasty morsels waiting for you.

And I hope you ponder the questions above – happy to chat more on the Agile Uprising discord server.

Stay curious, keep pondering, and, most importantly, just be you.

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