Making Sense of Organizational Change with the Six Big Ideas

Recently on the Agile Uprising podcast, Chris Murman and I chatted with Jason Little and Ken Rickard about their new book exploring organizational change: “The Six Big Ideas of Adaptive Organizations: From Frameworks to Sensemaking.” Jason and Ken shared why they felt compelled to put these powerful ideas into the …

Achieving Balance by Exploring Gluttony in Agile

In an Agile Uprising Podcast, Chris Murman, Jay Hrcsko, and Andrew Leff explore the intricate threads of achieving balance with just the right amount of gluttony in the context of work, relationships, and the agile mindset. As they unravel the layers, they discover the nuanced impact of overindulgence and how …

Unraveling the “Power of Three” in Agile Leadership with Tanner Wortham

Explore the Agile universe with host Andy Cleff and Agile coach Tanner Wortham as they unravel the “Power of Three” in military leadership, Scrum practices, and team dynamics. Discover insights on effective Agile methodologies, managing meeting dynamics, and the transformative power of movement in uncertain times.

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