Navigating Complexity in Agile Transformations: Insights from a Conversation About Simplicity

In the ever-evolving realm (some might say distressing?) of Agile transformations and organizational change, one often overlooked factor is the power of simplicity. In a recent podcast conversation, my esteemed colleague, Chris Murman, and I delved deep into the concept of simplicity and how it fits into the intricate world of Agile transformations.

We’re All Wrong About Little’s Law

In this podcast episode, co-hosts Andy Cleff and Troy Lightfoot discuss the misconceptions about Little’s law, the differences between what Dr. Little created and what is often taught, and how Little’s Law can be useful in practice today by understanding the underlying assumptions. (Follow-along images for the podcast are below.) …

Leadership Models With Dave Snowden

Hosts Andy Cleff, Ben Au-Yeung, Serge Marten, and Jay Hrcsko chat with Dave Snowden about leadership, Spiral Dynamics, Integral Theory, and Metamodernism. We explore thru a Boxian lens “All models are wrong, but some are useful.” Are these effective tools for organizations to gain new perspectives on themselves?

The Burnout Cycle: How to Break It & Unlock High Performance

In this Podcast, hosts Andy Cleff, Jay Hrcsko, and Shana Burns chat with organizational agility expert Brandi Olson about her book: Real Flow.
We cover a range of topics: Brandi’s inspirations for the book, cognitive science, organizational agility, lean principles, and permaculture.
Listen in and learn how to cultivate an evidence-driven approach to high-performing, agile organizations, with improved employee retention.

Leading, Inspiring and Empowering Teams with Melissa Boggs

Host Andy Cleff chats with Melissa Bogg about how throughout the pandemic and post-pandemic era, the world of work has experienced an awakening. After extended periods of work from home, new levels of flexibility, and almost forced work-life integration, pre-existing workplace traditions are no longer palatable. Whose job is it …

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