High Performance Teams Explored

The theme for the show is High-Performance Teams – explored through the lens of a rather unusual team-building event.

A 15 day, 5,000 km trek from the Atlantic to the pacific coast of Canada, followed by a jaunt in Hawaii – competing against three other teams on different continents.

Hosts Andy Cleff and Richard Dolman chat with the crew from BW Bacon about their experience participating in Race to the Center of the Earth.

Who Decides Who Decides: Getting Started with Sociocracy

So many groups form. And so many groups fade. What distinguishes those groups that grow and flourish from those that fade and fail? Agile Uprising host Andy Cleff chats with Ted Rau, from Sociocracy for All, about using intentional processes to establish an inclusive group culture early on to grow and flourish without governance troubles getting in the way – while keeping all eyes on a shared purpose.

Sociocracy (Episode 1 of n) with Ted Rau

In this @agileuprising episode, host Andy Cleff @justsitthere chats with Ted Rau @Sociocracy4All about Sociocracy – a social technology for evolving adaptive and resilient organizations.

We cover topics including forming circles, establishing roles, meetings and consent, performance feedback, accountability, and money.

Conscious Leadership w Robin Ric

In this Agile Uprising Podcast Andy Cleff chats with Robin Rice about conscious leadership, how it relates to the demands of leaders in the transition to new ways of working. Part professional mentor, part personal muse, and part magician, Robin offers behind-the-scenes support and consciousness training to executives, artists, medical …

Quality as an Attitude with Søren Pedersen

In this Agile Uprising Podcast episode, Andy Cleff and Mike Caddell chat with guest Soren Pedersen about the drivers of quality. If organizations are to be successful at creating high-quality products they need the right kind of management commitment, organization-wide communication, safety, and transparency. In short – they need more …

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