Synchronous Communication Sessions (aka Meetings)

Somewhere along the line “meetings” has become a dirty word Filled calendars, bookings 3 deep, have become the norm in many of our lives that work feels like something we try to “squeeze in between meetings.” At the morning team sync oft’ is heard… “Yesterday I was in meetings all …

Leadership Models With Dave Snowden

Hosts Andy Cleff, Ben Au-Yeung, Serge Marten, and Jay Hrcsko chat with Dave Snowden about leadership, Spiral Dynamics, Integral Theory, and Metamodernism. We explore thru a Boxian lens “All models are wrong, but some are useful.” Are these effective tools for organizations to gain new perspectives on themselves?

The Burnout Cycle: How to Break It & Unlock High Performance

In this Podcast, hosts Andy Cleff, Jay Hrcsko, and Shana Burns chat with organizational agility expert Brandi Olson about her book: Real Flow.
We cover a range of topics: Brandi’s inspirations for the book, cognitive science, organizational agility, lean principles, and permaculture.
Listen in and learn how to cultivate an evidence-driven approach to high-performing, agile organizations, with improved employee retention.

Leading, Inspiring and Empowering Teams with Melissa Boggs

Host Andy Cleff chats with Melissa Bogg about how throughout the pandemic and post-pandemic era, the world of work has experienced an awakening. After extended periods of work from home, new levels of flexibility, and almost forced work-life integration, pre-existing workplace traditions are no longer palatable. Whose job is it …

Are You Attempting A Non-Agile Approach to Your Agile Transformation?

No doubt about it: There is a high rate of failure in the world of agile transformation.

Ironically, could it be that organizations are unwittingly undermining their odds of success by using non-agile approaches? (e.g., follow this roadmap, use this prescriptive change management process, assess your organization compared to others)

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