Understanding Agile Team Metrics: Measure Many Things

Hawthorn, Goodhart and Friedman Walk Into an Agile Team Room – What Happens Next Will Amaze You… Velocity is one of the most commonly used agile team metrics. Teams (and their stakeholders) often focus on “improving velocity” without either a proper consideration for root causes that impact velocity or a …

Podcast with David Marquet: Implementing Intent Based Leadership

In his first book, Turn the Ship Around! David Marquet described his experiences as captain aboard the nuclear submarine USS Santa Fe. When he took command, the ship was, how shall we say… “underperforming” However, after one year, Santa Fe was recognized as the most improved ship in the fleet. In less than …

If You Need a Hero to Get Things Done, You Have a Problem

Sometimes American corporate culture surprises me. It goes so over the top into dysfunction, that I want to believe the HR folks are pulling a prank. But alas. The following guidelines, from a US-based, Fortune 50, Telecommunications “Giant” (reprinted verbatim) were not released April 1.

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