Are You Attempting A Non-Agile Approach to Your Agile Transformation?

Railroad tracks with one side broken

No doubt about it: There is a high rate of failure in the world of agile transformation.

Ironically, could it be that organizations are unwittingly undermining their odds of success by using non-agile approaches? (e.g., follow this roadmap, use this prescriptive change management process, assess your organization compared to others)

Avoid the Agile Transformation Assessment Trap

Listen in to a LinkedIn Livestream Recording where we discuss:

  • How to avoid transformations with few or no tangible results to show for the investment and disruption
  • How to navigate through the change curve even in the most unpredictable contexts, while at the same time managing to continuously improve
  • How to become an adaptive organization, able to sense and respond to market needs innovatively, and obtain long-lasting strategic agility

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