Riding the train to work… a day or so before thanksgiving… a question bubbled up in my mind: What am I thankful for? Here’s what I am thankful for …the brilliant-assholes and the just plain-assholes that I’ve met along the way. You have been my bengali tea boys. You have triggered my …

Setting Agile Team Expectations and Agreements

By communicating clear expectation and agreements,  teams create an environment where positive norms – rather than default habits – become their operating guidelines. Think of the “Team Agreements” as the glue that helps binds a team together. This glue: Fosters trust and openness Creates a common vision Generates a nutrient rich environment for …

Pre-Mortems: Think you’re ready to ship….

…What could possibly go wrong? Here’s an idea: conduct a “pre-mortem” to prepare. The gist of the activity is to consider all that could possibly “go wrong.” Then the conversation switches to a mitigation and action plan. (Maybe the team even does a pre-mortem activity at Lift-Off or at Sprint 0?)

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