Riding the train to work… a day or so before thanksgiving… a question bubbled up in my mind: What am I thankful for?Reiki Meditations Gassho and Joshin Kokyu Ho | Reiki Paths

Here’s what I am thankful for

…the brilliant-assholes and the just plain-assholes that I’ve met along the way. You have been my bengali tea boys. You have triggered my anger, my impatience, my judgement, all of those not so admirable qualities that I possess. And you have also shown me I need to find more tolerance and humility within.

…and the just-brilliant folks I am lucky enough to have met, that I get to work with, to play with. You provide me inspiration … to not accept mediocrity, to have the courage to question the status quo, to look beyond the answer, to dance in the midst of the obvious, the complicated, the complex, and the chaotic.

To all of you, I offer a bow of gratitude.

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