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Browse this listing of some of the best books and resources for your agile leadership and coaching journey.

I hope you’ll find inspiration and learning regardless of where you are on the path: beginner, practitioner, guide, or catalyst.

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No Image Available The Abilene Paradox and Other Meditations on Management
Faulty decision-making can have dire consequences, and when it comes to group decisions, the challenges are even greater. Join Dr....
Jerry B. Harvey
No Image Available The Age of Agile
Filled with examples from every business sector, The Age of Agile helps leaders of businesses both large and small learn...
Stephen Denning
No Image Available The Age of Surge
In Praise of Surge The Age of Surge is transformational innovation in a bottle for leaders and companies seeking to...
Brad Murphy
No Image Available The Agile Culture
Helps you align and unleash talents of everyone in your organization. Learn how to move toward a culture of trust....
Pollyanna Pixton
No Image Available The Agile Enterprise
View the implementation and operation of Agile at every level of the enterprise and at every point in the idea-to-delivery...
No Image Available The Agile Mind-Set
Are you frustrated or disenchanted by the results of your Agile approach? Does Agile sound like a good idea, but...
Gil Broza
No Image Available The Agile Organization
Given today's context of tough change, organizations need to be able to innovate as well as develop and implement strategy...
Linda Holbeche
No Image Available The Agile Samurai
Jonathan Rasmusson looks at the principles of agile software development, covering such topics as project inception, estimation, iteration management, unit...
Jonathan Rasmusson
No Image Available The Anatomy of Peace
This phenomenal bestseller from Arbinger Institute --over 525,000 copies sold-- explores how we often misunderstand the causes of our conflicts...
Arbinger Institute
No Image Available The Art & Science of Facilitation
Have you ever felt unsure how to help a team that was spinning in circles? Or wanted to flee a...
Marsha Acker
No Image Available The Art of Agile Development
Almost every company that develops software today is using something they call "Agile." But there's a widespread misunderstanding of what...
James Shore
No Image Available The Art of Business Value
Playful and thought-provoking, The Art of Business Value explores what business value means, why it matters, and how it should...
Mark Schwartz

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