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Your Scrum Playbook: It ́s Poker, Not Chess

 Author: Fabian Schwartz  Category: Business Agility, Scrum Mastery  Published: 2020  ISBN: 9585268914  Pages: 254  Amazon

Have you ever heard business being compared to a game of chess? If you’re a leader in any sector, you know business today feels more like a chaotic game of poker–one where you can’t see all the cards and you’re sure some opponents have an ace up their sleeve. This book from Fabian Schwartz shows you how to use Scrum to create a winning hand from the cards you’ve been dealt. From a Scrum strategist and educator with years of experience across a variety of sectors, you’ll learn how to complete more work in less time while delivering better value to clients. By assembling the right team, creating the right ecosystem, learning to avoid the clutches of Frankenscrum, working with a Backlog and Sprints, and by using the rest of the Scrum Framework, you may just find yourself playing a whole new game at your business–one that helps you respond to a quickly changing business landscape and poises you to win.

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