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 Author: Jurgen Appelo  Category: Agile Coaching, Culture Shaping, Facilitation / Meetings, High Performing Teams, Innovation  Published: 2014  ISBN: 9492032023  Pages: 459  Amazon

In modern organizations, people are expected to be servant leaders and systems thinkers , but nobody explains exactly how to do this on a Monday morning. Empowering workers and delighting customers is crucial, but it s not concrete. Managers, and everyone else, need to know how because most organizational problems are management problems.

Jurgen Appelo’s book offers you:

  • Serious games to help improve organizational culture
  • Simple practices that increase employee engagement
  • Creative stories that inspire teamwork and collaboration
  • New ways to achieve team accountability and responsibility
  • Easy workout exercises to make the business more agile
  • Modern tools that enable people to enjoy a happy Monday

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