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FunRetrospectives: Activities and Ideas for Making Agile Retrospectives More Engaging

 Author: Tainã Caetano Coimbra  Category: Agile Coaching, Facilitation / Meetings, High Performing Teams  Publisher: Editora Caroli  Published: 2020  ISBN: 6586660076  Pages: 242  Amazon

FunRetrospectives is a book with the necessary tools to develop the main element of continuous improvement: an effective, committed team! With several years working with agile teams, Paulo Caroli and Tainã Caetano Coimbra know there are two main ingredients to finding the path to success and continuous improvement. First, a team that is aligned and committed to the project. Second, a work environment that fosters collaboration, one in which everyone can openly reflect, debate, and learn. But how can we achieve that? Each person in a team brings a different life experience and perspective, and we know that a group of people doesn’t become a team overnight. That’s why the main purpose of this work is to offer the necessary activities and tools to make everyone comfortable, aligned, and ready to be part of the best possible experience. The authors have gathered years of experience in this book, offering simple and straightforward activities. There will always be ups and downs, but everything that happens is essential for the team’s growth, and a fun, safe environment allows you to get the best out of every situation.

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