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Inviting Leadership

 Author: Daniel Mezick  Category: Agile Coaching, Culture Shaping, Leadership Agility, Organizational Change  Publisher: Freestanding Press  Published: 1917  ISBN: 0984875352  Pages: 388  Amazon

The pace of societal and business change continues to accelerate daily. In the new world of work, adaptive self-management, at scale, is no longer optional!Self-management is what actually scales business agility across the enterprise. Inviting Leadership & Invitation-Based Change are very specific leadership techniques that create the very conditions that are necessary for scaling genuine and authentic self-management across the entire enterprise. If you lead people in the workplace, a deep understanding of Inviting Leadership & Invitation-Based Change might be the most valuable leadership know-how you can develop. These skills are essential to survive and thrive as a leader in the new world of self-managed work. Part tutorial, part reference guide and part toolbox, this book contains everything you need to develop these valuable new skills. Inside, you’ll find a complete kit that contains the underlying theory, very clearly described actionable guidance, and a toolbox of templates, diagrams, checklists and measurement tools. Everything you need to begin leading a self-managed workforce is here.

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