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Viral Change

 Author: Leandro Herrero  Category: Culture Shaping, Leadership Agility, Organizational Change  Publisher: Meetingminds Publishing  Published: 2008  ISBN: 1905776055  Pages: 387  Amazon

Many ‘Change Management’ initiatives end in fiasco, because they focus on processes and systems only and because they are based on wrong assumptions. But there is no change unless the change is behavioral. Viral Change by Leandro Herrero will debunk these myths and show that, in Viral ChangeTM mode, people talk less about ‘the programme’ and do more in a way that infects other people, creating ‘tipping points’ where the new behaviors and the new changes become visible and sustainable. In short, Viral ChangeTM uses the networks of influence that are often below the radar of the organization chart to create internal infections of success. In this second revised edition, the author has further elaborated on influence mechanisms as well as adding further insights with regard to viral leadership. These insights are firmly rooted in the author’s own practical experience of successfully implementing and practicing Viral Change with his clients. The second revised edition of Viral ChangeTM will appeal to any reader who is interested in how organizations are rapidly evolving today and how understanding internal social networks is changing the way we should lead and manage. Viral Change is now more than ever THE manager’s handbook on how to create sustainable change in organizations.

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