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Tribal Unity

 Author: Em Campbell-Pretty  Category: Culture Shaping, Leadership Agility, Organizational Change  Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform  Published: 2016  ISBN: 1537347578  Pages: 148  Amazon

Tribal Unity is a real world, practical guide, for leaders committed to making their organisation a truly great place to work. Based on the true story of how one inspiring leader transformed a highly toxic organisational culture, into an internationally recognised case study of success. Tribal Unity shares proven patterns that are revolutionising the way teams of teams connect and perform. Em Campbell-Pretty is internationally acclaimed business strategist, speaker and one of Australia’s leading Enterprise Agile consultants. After 20 years in senior business roles within multinational blue chip corporations, Em discovered Agile and became passionate about the chance it provides to align business and IT around the delivery of value. Today Em is instrumental in empowering Australia’s largest enterprises in improving the effectiveness of their teams. Em is a thought leader on scaling culture and creating agile tribes and is has received international attention for her blog,, which is one the top 100 Agile Blogs of 2015. At the heart of Em’s success is her passion for creating cultures of transparency, lean leadership, learning, innovation and fun. Her commitment to building great leaders and transforming culture is the driving force behind TRIBAL UNITY.

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