Meetings Bloody Meetings – Why do we have so many…?

Not too long ago at a daily stand up I heard from a Team member “Today I won’t get anything done. I have 5 hours of meetings….meetings bloody meetings” As the team coach (read “Chicken”) I said nothing at the scrum, but took the opportunity afterward to ask a question …

Fear of Conflict

I frequently have conversations with individuals and teams about something that is holding them back: Fear of conflict. Fear of conflict has the potential to keep team members from expressing their opinion, questions, solutions, analyses, and investigations. Fear can result in paralysis and catastrophizing (making things seem worse than they …

Webinar Series: Adaptive Leadership

Join me for a series of live-online conversations exploring the most crucial adaptive leadership question of the day:

“What, if anything, about the way people are leading today needs to change in order for leaders to be successful in a complex, rapidly changing environment where we’re faced with seemingly intractable challenges and an insatiable demand for innovation?” 

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