Scrum or Kanban… Which do You Like Better?

tl;dr: (from Karl Scotland) Scrum focuses on being agile which may (and should) lead to improving. Kanban focuses on improving, which may lead to being agile. Kanban and Scrum are two different flavors of Agile development workflow.  This post covers similarities and differences between the two approaches as applied to software development …

Delegation Matrix for High Performance Teams

High Performance Defined From Wikipedia: A high-performance team (HPT) can be defined as a group of people with specific roles and complementary talents and skills, aligned with and committed to a common purpose, who consistently show high levels of collaboration and innovation, that produce superior results. Characteristics of an HPT …

Pre-Mortems: Think you’re ready to ship….

…What could possibly go wrong? Here’s an idea: conduct a “pre-mortem” to prepare. The gist of the activity is to consider all that could possibly “go wrong.” Then the conversation switches to a mitigation and action plan. (Maybe the team even does a pre-mortem activity at Lift-Off or at Sprint 0?)

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