Slowing Down to Speed Up – Effective Asynchronous Communication for Teams

After many years of being part of 100% collocated teams, I’ve returned to working with 100% distributed, virtual, or remote teams. To remain effective, high-performing distributed teams rely on a number of important factors such as trust, ownership, a focus on results, and effective communication to get stuff done.

Impediments – What’s Getting in the Team’s Way?

Every system – particular a complex one like a cross-functional development team – has constraints. Somewhere along the way from “Ready” to “Done” something impedes productivity and flow, be it drag or turbulence, viscosity, or excessive effort. Some folks call these issue bottlenecks, blockers, setbacks, obstacles, impediments, obstructions or waste. …

Productivity: Disturb / Do Not Disturb

Interruptions Stink Let’s face it:  Interruptions and distractions are definitely issues that tamper with productivity. It doesn’t matter these days if you’re in an collocated workspace environment, or remote. Teamwork and collaboration requires frequent communication. Yet we want to make sure that doesn’t derail our train of thought. So instead of going back …

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