Embrace the Mess: How Oblique Thinking Sparks Creativity

What if the secret to creativity lies in embracing the “mess”? Learn how legendary artists like Keith Jarrett have transformed obstacles into creative breakthroughs using oblique thinking – a mindset that transforms chaos into opportunity for powerful problem-solving.

The Power of a Good (User) Story

Ever since the dawn of our species, we’ve told stories.

We’ve sung them, told them around campfires, painted them on cave walls, drew them on clay pots and canvases, woven them in tapestries and carved them into stone. Eventually we wrote them down.

Today, we share stories via sticky notes, podcasts, town halls, planning meetings and daily scrums.

Personal Maps – Getting to Know the Whole Human Being

🌐Embark on a journey of self-discovery! Ever tried personal cartography? Mapping your past, relationships, and experiences reveals the unique YOU. Share this adventure with your team to forge deeper connections and fuel high-performance collaboration. 🚀 #TeamBuilding #SelfDiscovery

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