Synchronous Communication Sessions (aka Meetings)

Somewhere along the line “meetings” has become a dirty word Filled calendars, bookings 3 deep, have become the norm in many of our lives that work feels like something we try to “squeeze in between meetings.” At the morning team sync oft’ is heard… “Yesterday I was in meetings all …

Note and Vote: Effective Collaboration and Teamwork

Oh, boy, I failed again! I recently facilitated an event where at one point I struggled mightily. As I reflected on how I might have done better, I recalled the note and vote technique: Note and vote (aka Nominal group technique (NGT)) is a structured method for brainstorming/decision making that …

The Power of a Good (User) Story

Ever since the dawn of our species, we’ve told stories.

We’ve sung them, told them around campfires, painted them on cave walls, drew them on clay pots and canvases, woven them in tapestries and carved them into stone. Eventually we wrote them down.

Today, we share stories via sticky notes, podcasts, town halls, planning meetings and daily scrums.

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