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I am a pragmatic and accomplished agile humanist with 20+ years of experience across a variety of corporate and start-up environments.

I apply compassion, common sense, and situational flexibility as I champion the adoption and propagation of agile values and principles. I am passionate and determined to help catalyze and nurture a culture of respect, acknowledgment, self-management, and continual improvement within technical and creative teams as well as across entire organizations. I take teams beyond “getting agile” into the deliberate and joyful pursuit of high performance.

Equally comfortable at the team, management, or leadership level, along the journey I make sure everyone has a whole lot of fun.

Presentation/Publication History

Doing “No” Better
Best Agile Articles 2020
Six Steps Towards Self-Learning Teams and Organizations
The Fear and Vulnerability Retrospective
  •  Big Apple Scrum Day 2018, NYC
  • Agile2018, San Diego
Metrics – Forget Velocity: 42 Other Things to Ponder
  • Mile High Agile 2017 MHA2017
  • Delivery of Things World 2018 DOT2018
  • Pearson Online Learning, Feb 2020, June 2020, Jan 2021
Team Health and Wellbeing
  • Agile2018, San Diego
Calisthenics to Stretch Communication Muscles (Kantor’s 4-Player Model)
  • Mile High Agile 2020 – oh, wait… covid…



Team Building

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My superpowers, according to colleagues

Active listening • Ability to reclaim a room that has gone off the rails • Being able to connect the concepts/process we want to try and the tools we use • Having and relaying a vision of what working at our company should be like • Recognizing that not everyone thinks the same way • Trust: people trust that you care • Clear thinker: you are unflappable, even in the middle of chaos you instill calm • Positivity: you help others believe in themselves • Order: you can bring order to any chaos • A lot of people toss around the term “servant leader” and very few actually live up to it. I think you truly are a servant leader, and I’d call that your superpower • The way Andy is able to stay positive and show his emotion at the same time is really a gift • Fun, collaborative, open, willing to share, and receive feedback.

Agile Uprising
Pro Kanban Professional BadgeProfessional Flow Metrics for Scrum Certification BadgeProfessional Applied Metrics certificate

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Experimenting with Mastodon

Join me there: https://mastodon.social/invite/2jNgkRyC

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  1. Hi Andy,
    This is Dovile from Eylean. First of all – great site!
    And now the reason I’m reaching out – you have previously used Eylean blog as a resource in a post about understanding Agile metrics – https://www.andycleff.com/2019/09/understanding-agile-team-metrics/.
    I am happy you found the content worth linking to. However, we have recently moved some of the articles into our new blog and it appears that one of the links you have (regarding lead and cycle time) is a dead end. Therefore I wanted to reach out and let you know.
    We have an article on lead and cycle time, that also includes a mention of actionable Agile metrics in the new Teamhood blog. If you feel this would be of interest to your readers, feel free to use it as a reference. https://teamhood.com/kanban/lead-and-cycle-time-kanban-metrics/
    Best regards,

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