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Three Pillars of Agile Quality & Testing: Achieving Balanced Results in your Journey Towards Agile Quality

 Author: Robert Galen  Category: Agile Testing  ISBN: 0988502631  Amazon

There are a few books on the market that discuss agile testing from a practitioner perspective. But this is the first book that looks at the organizational moves that are required to pull together an effective Agile Quality and Testing strategy. One that shows leaders and coaches how to effectively establish agile practices using the Three Pillars model. The book by Robert Galen is chock-full of real world stories from two coaches who’ve been in the trenches and created testing teams in high-performance agile organizations. They illustrate the balance that is required and the whole-team mindset that is crucial for effective agile quality. But beyond all of that, the focus is on the “teams” as they strive to deliver sustained customer value.

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