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Software Telemetry

 Author: Jamie Riedesel  Category: Agile Testing, Software Development as Craft  Publisher: Simon and Schuster  Published: 2021  ISBN: 161729814X  Pages: 560  Amazon

Software Telemetry by Jamie Riedesel is a guide to operating the telemetry systems that monitor and maintain your applications. It takes a big picture view of telemetry, teaching you to manage your logging, metrics, and events as a complete end-to-end ecosystem. You’ll learn the base architecture that underpins any software telemetry system, allowing you to easily integrate new systems into your existing infrastructure, and how these systems work under the hood. Throughout, you’ll follow three very different companies to see how telemetry techniques impact a greenfield startup, a large legacy enterprise, and a non-technical organization without any in-house development. You’ll even cover how software telemetry is used by court processes–ensuring that when your first telemetry subpoena arrives, there’s no reason to panic!

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