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Agile Quality: A Practical Approach

 Author: David Tzemach  Category: Agile Testing  Amazon

Getting quality right in Agile software development is hard. The principles and values provide little guidance, and the practical frameworks tend to gloss over the questions of quality.

  • How is a transition to Agile managed without sacrificing quality?
  • How is testing done in an Agile environment?
  • How is quality monitored and managed in the Agile environment?
  • Where do QA managers and testers test engineers fit in an Agile team?
  • How can Agile team members improve and expand their testing skills?
  • What to look for when hiring an Agile tester?
  • How are bugs managed in an Agile environment?


Agile Quality by David Tzemach is a practical guide, providing guidance and advice that can be put into action quickly and easily. It contains solutions to quality related questions that come up before or during an Agile transition. It guides you on how to manage quality in Agile, and how to monitor the process and keep improving it. This knowledge is presented simply, with context and case-studies that come from a wealth of experience in the practical applications of software quality processes.

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