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The Self-Taught Agile Tester: A Step-By-Step Guide to Learn Agile Testing Using a Real-Life Project

 Author: chhavi Raj Dosaj  Category: Agile Testing  Amazon

This book by chhavi Raj Dosaj is meant for readers who have little or no experience in doing testing in Agile software development. The first half of the book will help you to understand the following topics:

  • Why we need Agile software development
  • Different Agile approaches
  • Agile team structure
  • How requirements are managed in Agile projects
  • Different Agile Ceremonies
  • Different Agile Test methods
  • Estimation and Automation in Agile projects
  • How Quality risks are managed in Agile projects
  • Tools used by Agile team

The second half focuses on a step by step walk-through of a real-life Agile testing project. This will help you to understand how the real Agile software projects are run from start to end and the role and duties of the Agile tester.The book provides details of each project activity which will help you to understand how the test activities are planned, executed and monitored in real Agile projects. This book will not only help you to learn Agile testing but also how you can apply them when you are working as an Agile tester on a project. This book will teach you each and everything you should know about Agile software testing with references to a real-life project and help you in securing a job as an Agile tester.

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