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I hope you’ll find inspiration and learning regardless of where you are on the path: beginner, practitioner, guide, or catalyst.

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Improving Agile Retrospectives Improving Agile Retrospectives
Agile retrospectives help you get to the root of your real problems, so you can solve them quickly and effectively....
Marc Loeffler
Influencing Virtual Teams Influencing Virtual Teams
Learn the psychological secrets of persuasion that influence your remote employees to do what you need them to do. Stop...
Hassan Osman
Management 3.0 Management 3.0
Introduces a realistic approach to leading, managing, and growing your Agile team or organization. Written for current managers and developers...
Jurgen Appelo
OpenSpace Beta OpenSpace Beta
This handbook on the new and powerful OpenSpace Beta approach outlines how to "transform" your organization from Alpha to Beta...
Silke Hermann
Presentation Zen Presentation Zen
Provides lessons to help users design and deliver creative presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint.
Garr Reynolds
Project Retrospectives: A Handbook for Team Reviews
With detailed scenarios, imaginative illustrations, and step-by-step instructions, consultant Norman L. Kerth guides readers through productive, painless retrospectives of project...
Norm Kerth
Read This Before Our Next Meeting Read This Before Our Next Meeting
In the last few years, meetings have earned a bad reputation. They're considered a waste of time by many, yet...
Al Pittampalli
Reclaiming Conversation Reclaiming Conversation
“In a time in which the ways we communicate and connect are constantly changing, and not always for the better,...
Sherry Turkle
Retrospectives Antipatterns Retrospectives Antipatterns
Improve Every Retrospective! Real Solutions for Every Team Leader, Facilitator, and Participant ". . . Aino has shared a robust,...
Aino Corry
Retrospectives for Everyone Retrospectives for Everyone
Metaphors from our day-to-day life can throw new perspectives when juxtaposed with professional or personal experiences. What seemingly looks like...
Retrospectives for Organizational Change Retrospectives for Organizational Change
"[..] What Jutta has done for us is provide real experience reports that show how useful retrospectives can be and...
Jutta Eckstein
The Art & Science of Facilitation The Art & Science of Facilitation
Have you ever felt unsure how to help a team that was spinning in circles? Or wanted to flee a...
Marsha Acker


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