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Read This Before Our Next Meeting

 Author: Al Pittampalli  Category: Culture Shaping, Facilitation / Meetings, Organizational Change  Publisher: Portfolio (Hardcover)  Published: 2015  ISBN: 0241209056  Pages: 80  Amazon

In the last few years, meetings have earned a bad reputation. They’re considered a waste of time by many, yet they remain a staple of all work environments. Instead of dreading the meeting, companies should work to bring structure and purpose back into the meeting. Al Pittampalli proposes ‘The Modern Meeting’ and its seven critical principles of effective meeting management. Pittampalli shares examples of transforming workplaces by revamping the purpose of the meeting and a company’s meeting culture. Simply put, he wants companies to stop wasting time. Read This Before Our Next Meeting is a call to action employees and their bosses need to create companies that do meaningful work.

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