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The Surprising Science of Meetings

 Author: Steven G. Rogelberg  Category: Facilitation / Meetings  Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA  Published: 2018  ISBN: 0190689218  Pages: 192  Amazon

Preface — Setting the meeting stage — So many meetings and so much frustration — Get rid of meetings? no, solve meetings through science — Evidence-based strategies for leaders — The image in the mirror is likely wrong — Meet for 48 minutes — Agendas are a hollow crutch — The bigger, the badder — Don’t get too comfortable in that chair — Deflate negative energy from the start — No more talking! — The folly of the remote call-in meeting — Putting it all together — Epilogue: trying to get ahead of the science’ using science — Tool: meeting quality self-assessment — Tool: sample engagement survey and 360 feedback questions on meetings — Tool: good meeting facilitation checklist — Tool: huddle implementation checklist — Tool: agenda template — Tool: guide to taking good meeting minutes/notes — Tool: expectations assessment — Acknowledgments — References — Index

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