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Actionable Agile Metrics for Predictability Actionable Agile Metrics for Predictability
"When will it be done?" That is probably the first question your customers ask you once you start working on...
Daniel S. Vacanti
Agile Metrics in Action Agile Metrics in Action
Summary Agile Metrics in Action is a rich resource for agile teams that aim to use metrics to objectively measure...
Christopher Davis
Analytics at Work Analytics at Work
As a follow-up to the successful Competing on Analytics, authors Tom Davenport, Jeanne Harris, and Robert Morison provide practical frameworks...
Thomas H. Davenport
Beyond Measure Beyond Measure
A powerful manifesto for CEOs and employees alike: Influential and award-winning business leader Margaret Heffernan reveals how organizations can build...
Margaret Heffernan
Continuous Improvement in the Age of Agile Development Continuous Improvement in the Age of Agile Development
Most software development teams today use some variation of agile methods. While this has improved our ability to get products...
John L. Belbute
Escape Velocity: Better Metrics for Agile Teams
Velocity is the most commonly used metric in agile software delivery. It is also perhaps the least effective metrics in...
Doc Norton
Factory Physics Factory Physics
Our economy and future way of life depend on how well American manufacturing managers adapt to the dynamic, globally competitive...
Wallace J. Hopp
Making Work Visible
Information Technology time management expert Dominica DeGrandis, the reveals the real crime of the century--time theft, one of the most...
Dominica DeGrandis
Measures of Success Measures of Success
A 260-page, full-color book that will help you: STOP REACTING TO NOISE. START RESPONDING TO SIGNALS. Measures of Success by...
Mark Graban
Measuring and Managing Performance in Organizations Measuring and Managing Performance in Organizations
Understand the Sometimes Negative Effects of Performance Measurement Systems Based on an award-winning doctoral thesis at Carnegie Mellon University, Measuring...
Robert Daniel Austin
Metrics Cookbook
Derek Huether (Author) writes: I often find most organizations think the more metrics they have, the better off they are....
Derek Huether
Metrics for Agile Product Teams
Is creating awesome software products your team's goal? Do you see no meaningful outcomes even when all the charts are...


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