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Metrics Cookbook

 Author: Derek Huether  Category: Metrics  Published: 2020  Amazon
Derek Huether (Author) writes: I often find most organizations think the more metrics they have, the better off they are. On the contrary, collecting metrics data takes time and effort. If the metrics being reported are not really valuable, then that time spent collecting data is all wasted. This book is not intended to provide an exhaustible list of indicators or instructions. Rather, the intent is to provide context on how anyone can define metrics that matter and glean information from them to confirm results toward better outcomes. As a young bachelor, I remember picking up a cookbook and thinking “Ya, I can make this”. Each recipe had a picture of the completed dish (which was never what mine looked like), there was a list of ingredients in an easy-to-read format and instructions on how to combine and prepare each part of the recipe. That is how I feel everyone should be able to approach metrics. The ideas and methods should be presented in a way that you can understand them and not feel intimidated, even if the outcome isn’t what you expect.My hope is this book will make metrics just a little more approachable. And I get it. Not everything I wrote about is going to translate to a cookbook format. But let’s give it a shot and change how you look at metrics. Bon appétit!

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