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Software Development Metrics

 Author: Dave Nicolette  Category: Metrics  Publisher: Manning Publications  Published: 2015  ISBN: 1617291358  Pages: 192  Amazon

Software Development Metrics is a handbook for anyone who needs to track and guide software development and delivery at the team level, such as project managers and team leads. New development practices, including “agile” methodologies like Scrum, have redefined which measurements are most meaningful and under what conditions you can benefit from them. This practical book identifies key characteristics of organizational structure, process models, and development methods so that you can select the appropriate metrics for your team. It describes the uses, mechanics, and common abuses of a number of metrics that are useful for steering and for monitoring process improvement. The insights and techniques in this book are based entirely on field experience. Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications. About the Book When driving a car, you are less likely to speed, run out of gas, or suffer engine failure because of the measurements the car reports to you about its condition. Development teams, too, are less likely to fail if they are measuring the parameters that matter to the success of their projects. This book shows you how. Software Development Metrics teaches you how to gather, analyze, and effectively use the metrics that define your organizational structure, process models, and development methods. The insights and examples in this book are based entirely on field experience. You’ll learn practical techniques like building tools to track key metrics and developing data-based early warning systems. Along the way, you’ll learn which metrics align with different development practices, including traditional and adaptive methods. No formal experience with developing or applying metrics is assumed. What’s Inside Identify the most valuable metrics for your team and process Differentiate “improvement” from “change” Learn to interpret and apply the data you gather Common pitfalls and anti-patterns About the Author Dave Nicolette is an organizational transformation consultant, team coach, and trainer. Dave is active in the agile and lean software communities. Table of Contents Making metrics useful Metrics for steering Metrics for improvement Putting the metrics to work Planning predictability Reporting outward and upward

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