Resources for Product Owners

There are so many great resources to support Product Owners. Below are but a few of my favorites.

If you only have 10 minutes and want to understand what it means to be a great Product Owner…

Watch Henrik Kniberg’s 15-minute video at 1.25x speed!

Then spend the rest of your Agile Product Owner career absorbing from below…

Here’s a nice “nutshell” on Agile Product Ownership from Dandy People:

Front Row Agile / Mt. Goat Product Owners and Scrum

BDD (Behavior Driven Development)

HDD (Hypothesis Driven Design)

Scrum Alliance on Effective Product Owners

Roman Pichler – Product Ownership in Agile

Stefan Wolpers on Scrum Product Owners 

How to sabotage a product owner in agile

Marty Cagan – SVPG Silicon Valley Product Group

“Find out how great products are built”

Love the approach to exploring four types of risk:

  1. value risk (whether customers will buy it or users will choose to use it)
  2. usability risk (whether users can figure out how to use it)
  3. feasibility risk (whether our engineers can build what we need with the time, skills and technology we have)
  4. business viability risk (whether this solution also works for the various aspects of our business)

More Resources for Agile and Scrum Product Owners

Podcasts for Product Owners

Amplitude’s List of Best Product Manager Podcasts for 2019: Design, Marketing, Analytics and More.

Books for Product Owners and Product Managers



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