The Power of a Good (User) Story

Ever since the dawn of our species, we’ve told stories.

We’ve sung them, told them around campfires, painted them on cave walls, drew them on clay pots and canvases, woven them in tapestries and carved them into stone. Eventually we wrote them down.

Today, we share stories via sticky notes, podcasts, town halls, planning meetings and daily scrums.

Trust, Ownership, and Vision: Necessary Conditions for Great Team Performance

Three rivers – Trust, Ownership, and Vision – flow and converge into a confluence that helps create the necessary conditions for high performance, self-managing teams. Teams that adapt quickly to what their customers want. Teams that deliver great business value at a sustainable pace. Teams that are filled with happy people. …

Lines of Inquiry: Agile Communication and Collaboration

Early in my journey, I operated under many assumptions. One particular one (embarrassing now) was that having exact processes and workflows with good documentation would be enough. Ah, silly me, depending so heavily on best practices. Thank goodness for the patient mentors and co-workers that have helped me learn better …

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