Note and Vote: Effective Collaboration and Teamwork

Oh, boy, I failed again! I recently facilitated an event where at one point I struggled mightily. As I reflected on how I might have done better, I recalled the note and vote technique: Note and vote (aka Nominal group technique (NGT)) is a structured method for brainstorming/decision making that …

Bikeshedding, aka Parkinson’s Law of Triviality

What exactly is bikeshedding? A recent conversation brought a renewed vigor to my use of the term “bikeshedding.” The term was coined c. 1957 by C. Northcote Parkinson to illuminate a discovery he made – that groups of people tended to make a futile investment of time and energy on disputes over …

Distributed Team Retrospective: Communication, Collaboration, Empathy and Explosions

Teams often experience a breakdown in communication. Sometimes it will be around requirements, or expectations, or priorities. Other elements that contribute to difficulties in collaboration and delivery of value include component silos, and specialization. All of the above can be particularly pronounced with virtual teams.

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