Kaizen – The Meaning and Power of Change

TLDR – Kaizen If you think you can make something better (in your personal life, within a team or a collection of systems you work on, a process in your company), do it. What is it? “Kaizen” is made up of two Chinese characters: 改 kai = “change” + 善 zen = “good” – So kaizen …

Dealing w Dysfunctional Styles of Behavior

Quick question: Got any really difficult people (perhaps a “brilliant asshole”) that you work with on a regular basis? Yeah, I thought so. Next question: Do you ever stop to thank them? Yeah, I thought so. Guess what, those Bengali tea boys/girls are a gift. They are not only helping …

It’s Time to Ditch the Annual Performance Review

How many of us look forward to the traditional annual performance review? I mean really, whether you are on the presenting or receiving side of things… it is not the highlight of the year for anyone I know. I believe there’s a better way – Team Roundtable Reviews.

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