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Unlocking Agility

 Author: Jorgen Hesselberg  Category: Agile Coaching, Culture Shaping, Leadership Agility, Lean Agile Methods  Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional  Published: 2018  ISBN: 0134542843  Pages: 368  Amazon

Practical Guidance and Inspiration for Launching, Sustaining, or Improving Any Agile Enterprise Transformation Initiative As long-time competitive advantages disappear, astute executives and change agents know they must achieve true agile transformation. In Unlocking Agility, Jorgen Hesselberg reveals what works, what doesn’t, and how to overcome the daunting obstacles. Distilling 10+ years of experience leading agile transformation in the enterprise, Hesselberg guides you on jumpstarting change, sustaining momentum, and executing superbly on customer commitments as you move forward. He helps you identify appropriate roles for consultants, optimize organizational structures, set realistic expectations, and measure against them. He shares first-hand accounts from pioneering transformation leaders at firms including Intel, Nokia,, Spotify, and many more. – Balance building the right thing, the right way, at the right speed – Design a holistic transformation strategy using five dimensions of agility: Technology, Organizational Design, People, Leadership, and Culture – Promote agile skills, knowledge, and abilities throughout your workforce – Incorporate powerful leadership models, including Level 5, Teal, and Beyond Budgeting – Leverage business agility metrics to affect norms and change organizational culture – Establish your Agile Working Group, the engine of agile transformation – Define operating models and strategic roadmaps for unlocking agility, and track your progress You already know agile transformation is essential. Now, discover how to customize your strategy, execute on it in your environment, and achieve it.

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