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The Little Guide to Empathetic Technical Leadership

 Author: Alex Harms  Category: Agile Coaching, Leadership Agility, Mindfulness  Published: 2017  ISBN: 0692674853  Pages: 138  Amazon

Supporting your team’s technical decision-making process, mentoring new teammates, encouraging a learning culture. For some folks, it seems to come easy. How did they learn? Does empathy come naturally? What does collaborative leadership look like? Developing your technical chops used to keep you pretty busy. Now, it’s something you’re used to. Almost second nature. Now comes the hard part: connecting with your team, providing leadership, mentoring new developers. Take the first step. “Simple, direct, earth-shattering… a rare moment of gratitude for letting me in on the invisible obviousness of it.”-Volker Frank “Leaders of all technical stripe: read Alex’s book right now. You will find it warm, wise, and most important, useful.”-Mike (Geepaw) Hill “…it’s little (I read it in two evenings at gulp speed) and HUGE”-Ruth Malan

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