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The Art of Agile Development

 Author: James Shore  Category: Agile Coaching, Lean Agile Methods, Software Development as Craft  Publisher: O'Reilly Media  Published: 2022  ISBN: 1492080691  Pages: 438  Amazon

Almost every company that develops software today is using something they call “Agile.” But there’s a widespread misunderstanding of what Agile is and how to use it. The Art of Agile Development by James Shore is a comprehensive guidebook for anyone who wants to improve the agility of their software development team. It provides clear, concrete, and detailed guidance about what to do, why to do it, and when to make trade-offs. This updated edition provides no-nonsense advice on Agile planning, development, delivery, and management taken from the authors’ many years of experience applying Agile and Extreme Programming (XP).

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