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Comic Agilé Volume One

 Author: Mikkel Noe-Nygaard  Category: Agile Coaching, Humor  Publisher: Https: //Www.Isbn.Dk/Isbn_liste/Genliste.Php?forlag=973238  Published: 2021  ISBN: 8797323802  Pages: 140  Amazon

Comic Agilé depicts the magical, depressing, funny and potentially educational moments that occur when agility meets reality. Through the form of short comic strips, Mikkel Noe-Nygaard’s Comic Agilé brings to a head the challenges, misunderstandings and ill-intentioned behavior that makes it so difficult to put the agile mindset into practice. Besides its tragicomic storytelling, the agile comic describes how to avoid, manage or improve the illustrated situations, so the readers are left with a burning desire to go back to their context and improve their agile practices. For the sake of humanity.

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