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30 Days to Better Agile

 Author: Angela Druckman  Category: Agile Coaching, Product Management / Ownership, Scrum Mastery, Software Development as Craft  Publisher: Book Publishers Network  Published: 2012  ISBN: 1937454444  Pages: 223  Amazon

Agile product development works–if you do it right.
Despite its simple principles, executing them presents challenges to new and experienced agile practitioners alike. Many organizations start a move to agile with high hopes and enthusiasm, only to end up discouraged, frustrated, and ready to give up.

Do these problems sound familiar?

– Lack of planning and predictability in your agile projects

– Teams that continually over or under commit

– Product Owners that are ineffective or not engaged

– Poorly written requirements

– Inability to meet project deadlines

If you have struggled with issues like these, 30 Days to Better Agile by Angela Druckman can help. In it, you will learn specific and targeted techniques for working through common problems every organization faces when moving to an agile model. This book is an indispensable resource

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