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Browse this listing of some of the best books and resources for your agile leadership and coaching journey.

I hope you’ll find inspiration and learning regardless of where you are on the path: beginner, practitioner, guide, or catalyst.

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No Image Available Agile/Scrum in Schools: Mr Grimble ‘Mark and Track’.
"We can only succeed if we recognise that education is a dynamic human system, not a mechanical one. Successful school...
Shaf Cangil
No Image Available An Elegant Puzzle
There's a saying that people don't leave companies, they leave managers. Management is a key part of any organization, yet...
Will Larson
No Image Available An Everyone Culture
A Radical New Model for Unleashing Your Company’s Potential In most organizations nearly everyone is doing a second job no...
Robert Kegan
No Image Available Analytics at Work
As a follow-up to the successful Competing on Analytics, authors Tom Davenport, Jeanne Harris, and Robert Morison provide practical frameworks...
Thomas H. Davenport
No Image Available Are Your Lights On?
A Practical Guide for Everyone Involved in Product and Systems Development The fledgling problem solver invariably rushes in with solutions...
Donald C. Gause
No Image Available Art Of Facilitation
How to get groups to work with one another within any business organization.
Dale Hunter
No Image Available Being the Boss
Linda Annette Hill shows executives and managers how to be successful by managing their own time, understanding their place in...
Linda Annette Hill
No Image Available Beyond Measure
A powerful manifesto for CEOs and employees alike: Influential and award-winning business leader Margaret Heffernan reveals how organizations can build...
Margaret Heffernan
No Image Available Black Box Thinking
Nobody wants to fail. But in highly complex organizations, success can happen only when we confront our mistakes, learn from...
Matthew Syed
No Image Available Blah Blah Blah
Ever been to so many meetings that you couldn't get your work done? Ever fallen asleep during a bulletpoint presentation?...
Dan Roam
No Image Available Blindspot
Leading psychologists, Mahzarin R. Banaji and Anthony G. Greenwald argue that prejudice toward others is often an unconscious part of...
Mahzarin R. Banaji
No Image Available Brain of the Firm
"Stafford Beer is undoubtedly among the world's most provocative, creative, and profound thinkers on the subject of management, and he...
Stafford Beer

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