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The Power of Spirit The Power of Spirit
Forms and transforms in people, they become strong, focused, and vibrant-and wonderful things can happen. But when the spirit is...
Harrison Owen
The Principles of Product Development Flow The Principles of Product Development Flow
This is the first book that comprehensively describes the underlying principles that create flow in product development processes. It covers...
Donald G. Reinertsen
The Reengineering Alternative The Reengineering Alternative
Organizations can hire consultants and purchase expensive training programmes - but improvement must still be generated from within. "The Reengineering...
William E. Schneider
The Resource Utilization Trap and the Efficiency Paradox
A few of my favorite videos on the topic of resource utilization, too much wip, and the efficiency paradox The...
The Responsibility Process The Responsibility Process
The responsibility process is a natural mental pattern that helps you process thoughts about taking or avoiding responsibility. How you...
Christopher Avery
The Retrospective Handbook
Are you running retrospectives regularly? Perhaps you run retrospectives once a week, or fortnightly. Do you feel like you could...
Patrick Kua
The Right Kind of Crazy The Right Kind of Crazy
Adam Steltzner is no ordinary engineer. His path to leadership was about as unlikely as they come. A child of...
Adam Steltzner
The Science of Successful Organizational Change The Science of Successful Organizational Change
Every leader understands the burning need for change and every leader knows how risky it is, and how often it...
Paul Gibbons
The Scrum Fieldbook The Scrum Fieldbook
Based on years of work in the field with scores of companies including Bosch, 3M, Schlumberger, and Saab, The Scrum...
J. J. Sutherland
The Secret Life of the Mind The Secret Life of the Mind
Mariano Sigman, a leading neuroscientist draws on physics, linguistics, psychology, education, and other disciplines to explain the inner workings of...
Mariano Sigman
The Self-Taught Agile Tester: A Step-By-Step Guide to Learn...
This book by chhavi Raj Dosaj is meant for readers who have little or no experience in doing testing in...
chhavi Raj Dosaj
The Software Project Manager’s Bridge to Agility The Software Project Manager’s Bridge to Agility
A guide that provides the bridge for traditional project managers to cross into agile project management.
Michele Sliger


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