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Agile and Lean Program Management Agile and Lean Program Management
Scale collaboration, not process. If you're trying to use agile and lean at the program level, you've heard of several...
Johanna Rothman
Agile Faculty Agile Faculty
Digital tools have long been a transformative part of academia, enhancing the classroom and changing the way we teach. Yet...
Rebecca Pope-Ruark
Agile Product Management with Scrum Agile Product Management with Scrum
A comprehensive, expert guide to Scrum-based agile project ownership and management: roles, techniques, practices, and intangibles * *An indispensable resource...
Roman Pichler
Agile Project Management with Kanban Agile Project Management with Kanban
Use Kanban to maximize efficiency, predictability, quality, and value With Kanban, every minute you spend on a software project can...
Eric Brechner
Choose Your WoW!: A Disciplined Agile Delivery Handbook for Optimizing Your Way of Working Choose Your WoW!: A Disciplined Agile Delivery Handbook for...
Hundreds of organizations around the world have already benefited from Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD). Disciplined Agile (DA) is the only...
Scott Ambler
Directing the Agile Organisation Directing the Agile Organisation
Evan Leybourn provides an agile, adaptive approach to business management that embraces change
Evan Leybourn
Essential Scrum Essential Scrum
Kenneth S. Rubin provides a comprehensive guide to Scrum for all (team members, managers, and executives). If you want to use...
Kenneth S. Rubin
Extreme Programming Explained Extreme Programming Explained
The first edition of "Extreme Programming Explained" is a classic. It won awards for its then-radical ideas for improving small-team...
Kent Beck
Fifty Quick Ideas to Improve Your Retrospectives Fifty Quick Ideas to Improve Your Retrospectives
Learn how to improve retrospectives and avoid stagnation, with fifty ideas designed to help you enhance and energise your continuous...
Tom Roden
Fixing Your Scrum Fixing Your Scrum
A Scrum Master's work is never done. The Development team needs your support, the Product Owner is often lost in...
Ryan Ripley
Implementing Beyond Budgeting Implementing Beyond Budgeting
Traditional management was invented for very different times and is today in serious trouble. The level of volatility, uncertainty, complexity,...
Bjarte Bogsnes
Implementing Lean Software Development Implementing Lean Software Development
"This remarkable book [by Mary Poppendieck] combines practical advice, ready-to-use techniques, and a deep understanding of why this is the...
Mary Poppendieck


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